We will debate whenever I discuss the best fast food milkshake with my friends. But everyone’s taste differs, and only some milkshake brands have been tried. So we made a bold decision: go and try the milkshakes at every fast food restaurant.
We are all very confident in our favorite brands. After all, we all think we’re milkshake masters. But when we tried a few fast food restaurants, we realized that the world is so big, why stick to one?
We have listed the ten best fast food milkshakes for you. If you see a milkshake that interests you, please try it. It’s worth it!

Best Fast Food Milkshake: McDonald’s

Best Fast Food Milkshake :McDonald's
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There must be a McDonald’s close to where you live or work. McDonald’s milkshakes are based on vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream. I love vanilla and can’t refuse a vanilla ice cream drink.
The regular milkshakes at McDonald’s come in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate tastes. I like vanilla and strawberry best. Blueberry and cherry are also good, but you can only sometimes get them.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Shake Shack

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Shake Shack
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I love Shake Shack’s classic vanilla milkshake, of course. And at first, all I did was order a vanilla milkshake. It’s more interesting to try now because the tastes change with the seasons. Like “chocolate birthday cake” and “Tiramisu”.
My friend Robert likes to shop at this store the most. In his words: It’s hard to be surprised in life, but Shake Shack can do it often. If you want a milkshake at Shake Shack, get the one that just came out.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Dairy Queen(DQ)

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Dairy Queen(DQ)
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If you are okay with the calories, DQ’s shakes are the way to go. Anyway, I don’t care. The one feature of DQ is that you can customize all kinds of ingredients in the milkshake. But I recommend a better way.
This method is from my friend Mary. What a smart girl! First, buy a side of french fries and a milkshake. Then dip the chips into the shake. In the end, enjoy yourself. That doesn’t sound reasonable, and I thought so at first. But this method is really delicious!
Tips: Don’t use this method to eat an Oreo Blizzard milkshake. It was already perfect.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Burger King

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Burger King
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If you like more taste in your milkshakes, try Burger King. The Chocolate Milkshake from Burger King is a great drink. But compared to that, other tastes could be more exciting.
You might go to Burger King one day to eat a burger. You could also get a chocolate drink.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Chick-fil-A

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Chick-fil-A
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Most drinks from Chick-fil-A cost about $5. Even though this is a lot to pay for a frozen fast food treat, many customers say these shakes are worth it. All of these shakes are mixed by hand, not by machine.
Chick-fil-A’s milkshake flavors are controversial. But that’s a good thing because it means it’s made to suit the tastes of different groups.
I like the peach milkshake. The mint milkshake is also good but seasonal and can only be had sometimes.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Sonic Drive-In

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Sonic Drive-In
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Sonic Drive-In’s milkshakes are also manually mixed with more flavors. Actually, I only go to this store occasionally. My friend Lee took me there.
In Sonic Drive-In, what impressed me the most was the cheesecake shake.
I’ve had cheese
I’ve had cake
Cheesecake is normal too.
But cheesecake milkshakes? That is really a new word for me. If you are interested in novel flavors, give it a try.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Wendy’s

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Wendy's
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Wendy’s usually only has two types to choose from. That differs greatly from its rivals, who often have a wide range of tastes and find new ways to mix them. Most of the time, you can choose either chocolate or vanilla.
It might not be friendly for people craving more flavors. But for me, just right. Because there is no need to worry about which flavor to choose.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Culver’s

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Culver's
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What makes Culver’s milkshakes unique is that you can add different things to your “Concrete Mixer.”
You can make your own drink from sweets, cookies, veggies, and other toppings. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Oreo cookies, cake pieces, and fresh fruit are all favorite add-ins.
Concrete Mixers from Culver’s are known for their rich and smooth texture. The mix-ins add more taste and texture to the drink as a whole.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Whataburger

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Whataburger
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Whataburger is a restaurant that my friend Amanda likes very much. Because its strawberry milkshake is different from other brands, it uses fresh strawberries instead of jam.
I tried it once, and it was really special. Whataburger is fearless in trying new flavors for its milkshakes, even if most people don’t like them. But it’s also good news for those who like to try new flavors.

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Five Guys

Best Fast Food Milkshake: Five Guys
Click the image to visit Five Guys

Five Guys is a fast food restaurant recommended by my college classmate David, who likes to try different flavors of milkshakes.
Milkshakes from Five Guys come in a wide range of tastes, from the normal to the unusual. Have you ever heard of a drink that tastes like bacon? I didn’t even dare to try. But maybe you can try it and let me know how it feels.

The end

The above is the list of Best Fast Food Milkshakes. If you’re interested in some of these brands, don’t be afraid to try them out.
If you find any other Best Fast Food Milkshake, feel free to share.


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