It’s time to change the look of your school door for the fall when the leaves start to change color and the air gets crisp. Fall door decor for classroom can make students feel cheerful and excited about the new season. Now, here is a list of delightful fall door decorations! Keep reading to find out. You may need one of the inspirations.

1. Colorful Owls

Owls are a sign of knowledge, and they’re also very cute! With this Owl Tree Classroom Door, you can have a group of owls keep your students company.

fall door decor for classroom

2. Look Who’s Hiding in the Leaves!

Many bright maple leaves are on the door, and many cute student faces are in the pile of leaves. A sign above the door reads, “Look Who’s Hiding in the Leaves!” Believe it or not, when you finish decorating this door, your students will definitely come running to find the faces of themselves and their best friends – and even attract the students in the next-door class!

Fall Door Decor for Classroom: Look Who's Hiding in the Leaves!

3. Squirrel Couple

Although the two squirrels under the door look identical, I still insist they are a squirrel couple because the squirrel on the left has a pink bow on his head! Of course, men can wear bows, too…… Anyway, you can call them whatever you want!

Now, I’ll get back to the main point: as you can see, the door has many pine cones. That’s great because you can write students’ names on every one of them!

4. Hocus Pocus

For an October classroom door, this hocus pocus Halloween theme is adorable. Who says it has to be Halloween to decorate like this?

Well, You can make paper plate pumpkins or purchase similar ones online and add a sign that says “Hocus Pocus.”

5. Holy! So Many Ghosts!

This is the cutest and funniest one I’ve seen by far. Ha-ha!

It doesn’t seem much to do with autumn, but who cares? Just for fun!

This decoration for the classroom door is really easy to make: just cut out a lot of spooky cardboard and then stick a picture of each student’s eye on it! Let them guess who each ghost’s eyes are when you’re done! TBH, I really want to join!

6. Maple Leaf + Pumpkin

Maple leaf and Pumpkin are the two major elements of autumn, then well, both on!

This autumn door decor can give them a thoughtful message to ponder with this idea. The season of autumn shows us that change can be beautiful. Add a cute little scarecrow and some pumpkins around a paper tree.

7. Kind Scarecrow Girl

Who says scarecrows are just for fields? Prop a friendly scarecrow by your door with a plaid shirt, black hat, and a welcoming smile.

The super good words on the door that said, “Seasons change, but kindness remains,” really shocked me! Don’t you think that’s awesome?

8. Vase of Flowers

This is another excellent idea that draws on the beauty of sunflowers. Again, black has been used as the backdrop to really make the design stand out.

9. When It’s Sunflower Season

Fall door decor for classrooms to welcome students, and what’s better than a sunflower? We love the two big ones on the door and the smaller ones in the hallway with students’ names written on them.

10. Candy Corn Door

You can make a candy corn door from yellow, white, and orange paper for a super cute and quick decoration. You could even add the wording “We’re all sweet!” Use paper plates for eyes and add some candy corn eyebrows, too.

11. Grateful Hearts

The top half of the door is covered in bright blue with corn, while the bottom half is covered in dark gold and shows pumpkins in all their glory.

12. A Monster with Bangs?

This orange guy with thick eyebrows and pointed teeth looks a little fierce and a little cute. His straight bangs made me laugh.

13. Your Wings Already Exist!

This classroom door decoration will not be outdated. Whether you are fall door decor for classrooms or winter, you won’t get a new one. And kids will be inspired by this door decoration. The kids are growing up, so parents and teachers should learn to let go. Tell the kids that all they have to do is fly.

14. Smiling Scarecrow

Make the door to your school look like a scarecrow, smiling at the students and welcoming them with open arms. Use construction paper to make its face, hair like straw, and clothes in many bright colors. You can even add arms that can move to make it talkative. This joyful scarecrow will set the mood for a fun fall trip.

15. The Magic Begins Here.

This is soooooo dope! The drawings on the door take advantage of visual effects to create the illusion that people are leading to a mysterious place.

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Final Words

Fall door decor makes the classroom feel warm and welcoming, which can motivate you and your students throughout the season. So, do you like any of the fall door decor for classroom above? Pick your favorite idea, gather your supplies, and get ready to transform your classroom door into an autumn masterpiece!


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