Which one is the best fast food chicken sandwich? There are so many different restaurants to eat. Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, which you’ve probably heard praised the most. But what about KFC? Or Jack in the Box? And what about McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s, which have been around for a long time?

Okay, there is a list of winners that is pretty clear. It’ll surprise you, and I can tell you that the top two spots are pretty close. The top three, however, have very firm and stable positions. I hope this helps you decide what to eat for lunch the next time you’re in a hurry.

15. Raising Cane’s: Chicken Finger Sandwich

Raising Cane’s chicken sandwich has three golden chicken fingers inside a Kaiser roll. This one stood out, especially with the Raising Cane sauce on top.

best fast food chicken sandwich, Raising Cane's-Chicken Finger Sandwich

The sandwich was a good size. There was a good balance between the bread and the chicken, but both were pretty thick. Getting an equal amount of bun and chicken was worth a big bite. The tasty and spicy Cane’s sauce, which is made every day in-house using a “top secret” recipe, made it all worth it.

14. Jollibee: Chick’nwich

best fast food chicken sandwich, Jollibee Chick’nwich

Jollibee’s chicken sandwich is very big. It tastes great because the chicken piece is bigger than the brioche buns that came with it.

The brioche buns go great with the juicy, soft chicken fillet with a fun crisp. The dressing is good, but I wouldn’t call it “special” because it tastes like mustard. I really hope they just got rid of the pickle, though.

13. Arby’s: Diablo Dare Sandwich

This chicken sandwich from Arby’s is spicy and tastes great.

The Diablo Dare Sandwich is a new item only available at Arby’s for a short time. It has 5 layers of spice: The Diablo BBQ sauce, the Fiery flavor, the Ghost pepper jack cheese, the fire-roasted jalapeños, and the Diablo Bun.

How spicy is the sandwich? That’s the real question. Yes, it is very spicy! Not nuclear spicy, but just the right amount, which was a pleasant treat. I sometimes took a sip of the milkshake to cool off.

Arby's: Diablo Dare Sandwich

12. Checkers: Checkerburger

Checkers: Checkerburger

If you like greasy and fried foods, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and Checker fries are the best ways to fill your cravings! Still, I have to say that the spicy chicken is pretty tasty. It’s crunchy but soft, and its spicy flavors taste great.

11. Sonic: Classic Ultimate

The Sonic Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes on a wheat bun and has crispy fried white meat chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on top.

Another thing that makes the Sonic Chicken Sandwich unique from other fast-food chicken sandwiches is the care that goes into making it. The chicken at Sonic Drive-In is always fresh and tasty because it’s never frozen and always cooked to order.

Sonic: Classic Ultimate

10. Jack in the Box: Cluck Sandwich

This sandwich has a lot of chicken, so it fits well. The chicken is cooked all the way through and at least somewhat crispy.

Jack in the Box: Cluck Sandwich

The Good Good sauce goes well with the chicken. I really liked how it gave the food a spicy, sour, and slightly sweet taste. The Good Good sauce tastes much like Mystery sauce, so it’s the same. The crinkle-cut pickles give the dish more depth with their sour, salty taste and crunch.

9. Dairy Queen: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Dairy Queen: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Who doesn’t love Dairy Queen? I love chicken, and when they make their Crispy Chicken Sandwich, it is a real taste delight. The crispy chicken, lettuce, and tomato with sauce on a bun. That is a meal to delight your taste buds. And of course do not forget dessert, while you are there.

8. White Castle: Chicken Breast Sliders

Chicken Breast Sliders. The chicken was juicy, but the breading was a little bit soggy. The bun was just like the freshly steamed bun and was very tasty. They need to get this bun on the burger sliders, and it would be a perfect product.

This product contains a bioengineered food ingredient. Easy to heat. Fun to eat. So, it would be good in the air fryer, if you have one!

White Castle: Chicken Breast Sliders

7. Wendy’s: Classic Chicken Sandwich

Wendy's: Classic Chicken Sandwich

Wendy’s Classic Chicken Sandwich now has the new Classic chicken filet instead of the Homestyle one. The chain says it is crispier, juicier, and more delicious than the archived filet.

It looked a little smooth for fried chicken, but the new filet was surprisingly crispy, and it held up well against the mayo, lettuce, pickles, and tomato the whole time. Inside, the chicken was pretty soft and juicy. As far as fast-food fried chicken sandwiches go, the new filet wasn’t very thick, but the bun covered it really well, so there were only bread-only bites if the chicken fell out.

6. McDonald’s: Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes in three variants: classic, spicy, and deluxe. Each one starts with a chicken piece made of only white meat, topped with crinkle-cut pickles and kept warm on a buttered potato roll. The spicy version adds spicy pepper sauce to the mix, while ordering the deluxe gets you shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and mayo.

If it’s hard to decide between either two, then the Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich, in which the spicy pepper sauce replaces the mayo of the Deluxe sandwich, is a clear tiebreaker.

McDonald's: Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich

5. Culver’s: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Culver’s is best known for two things: ButterBurgers and frozen custard.

Culver's: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Culver’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich uses a full white flesh chicken breast. It is Covered in our Southern-style breading with onion, garlic, and a little cayenne pepper. Tomato, pickles, crispy cabbage, and a ripe Kaiser bun are served on the side. The outside will be crispy, and the inside will be juicy and soft.

4. KFC: Classic Chicken Sandwich

KFC: Classic Chicken Sandwich

KFC’s Classic Chicken Sandwich has a brioche bun, “premium” pickles, and mayo on a crispy chicken filet.

The chicken filet was thick, tender, and juicy in some bites. This size was perfect for end-to-end bun coverage. Thickness was slightly higher than fast food pickles. Despite their intense sour taste, they were crunchy.

3. Chick-fil-A: Pimento Cheese Chicken Sandwich

The pimento cheese chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A is definitely worth the drive.

Now that, as I took a bite, it was a sandwich with perfect harmony between the ingredients. Its simplicity is one of the reasons why it is the best fast food chicken sandwich. You can use any sauce on the sandwich, but we recommend using the original Chick-fil-A sauce. The chicken used by Chick-fil-A doesn’t need any sauce because it’s already so savory, moist, and texturally superior on its own.

Chick-fil-A: Pimento Cheese Chicken Sandwich

2. Burger King: Royal Crispy Chicken

Burger King: Royal Crispy Chicken

The “royal sauce,” which I believe to be original to BK Royal Crispy Chicken, was the main selling point. I could not confirm this, although this may be a sauce previously utilized by BK. Both versions are deadly. It has a peppery flavor with a hint of parmesan cheese undertone. The flavor profile is appropriate for a high-end Caesar dressing, which lives up to its noble moniker.

Like its fast food competitor McDonald’s, Burger King makes 3 distinct varieties of the fried chicken sandwich: the original, the spicy, and the deluxe.

1. Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwich: Popeyes’s Chicken Sandwich

Why does everyone want the Popeyes chicken sandwich so much? There have been so many strong ads that they make your mouth water. The public relations company for Popeye’s did a great job.

Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwich: Popeyes's Chicken Sandwich

This chicken filet that has been dipped in buttermilk is especially tasty. To my surprise, the meat is juicy without being greasy. The breading is thick and crispy, just the right thickness to hold the chicken breast’s wetness without being too thick to stuff your mouth and drown out the chicken. Popeyes Louisiana mix of spices makes the breading taste great. It makes it taste like paprika with a bit of spice included. The best thing about it is how crispy it is. It’s like an extra treat if a piece of crisp falls off your sandwich, like the little crispy fries at the bottom of a bag.

The End

I hope this list helped you find a new chicken sandwich to try! Also, I don’t think about calories when I pick the best fast food chicken sandwich. I just pick the one I love the most.


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