Fall has come to your bedroom. As the leaves fall, they dance on the soft pillows, and a cool breeze blows through the open windows, bringing the smell of harvest and memories.
It’s time to fill your living room or bedroom with fall decorative pillows. There are 20 fall decorative pillows that’ll probably hit the “I need this” button in your brain.

2. Pumpkin Shaped Velvet Accent Pillow

So adorable and well-made!

This novelty pillow is made like a bright orange pumpkin in 3D. It has sculptural details. And there’s a light beige jute stem on top to make it stand out. It’s made of soft satin on the outside and padded on the inside to make it feel full. You can put it in any room or give it to a friend or family member.

3. Smiling Pumpkin

I love this pillow! It’s a little bit weird but cute.

The illustration is so cute, and I like the orange back. The embroidered eyes, mouth, nose, stem, and stitching around the edge are really nice extra details! It totally has a vintage look, and the colors are on point. Are you ready for the spooky season?

4. Textured Tufted Square Throw Pillow

This one looks luxe and textured.

This pillow is decorative and has a tufted embroidered design in bright colors that make it look lively. It appears to be made very well, and the fabrics are super plush, thick, and durable.

5. Gather Together!

A gold-brown herringbone pattern has an embroidered white word that says “Gather” in white script. It also has matching tassels on the corners to decorate your furniture for parties and gatherings. It adds style and comfort to your sofa, chair, or bench.

6. Simple but Textured

It makes me feel like I’m in my mother’s warm arms. It’s so soft and comfortable!

Well, this pillow is bigger and fluffier than you expected. The color is a gorgeous deep olive, perfect for fall. It doesn’t have the most defined shape or hold a chop, and I think the knitting will eventually snag, but for comfort, it’s worth it!

7. Bunny like Softness!

These fall decorative pillows are so soft that you can’t help but rub your hand across them constantly. A built-in zipper on the side of the pillowcases makes it easy to put in and take out pillow inserts.

8. Pumpkin Pie Throw Pillow

Oh my goodness! This pillow made of pumpkin pie is so special! If you already have long and square throw pillows, get one with a fun shape! It will make your room look cooler!

9. Hello Fall!

With this adorable pillow, say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. This pillow will make any room feel warmer on a cool fall day. This 20″ long and 20″ wide is just the right size to cuddle up to.

10. Striped Velvet Throw Pillow

High-quality velvet that is soft, comfy, and better for your skin. It doesn’t shed, fade, or change shape easily. Colors can look different on different screens or lighting.

11. Pumpkin Spice

Get into the fall spirit with pillows written with “pumpkin spice.” They’ll make you want to grab a pumpkin spice latte and cuddle up.

12. Beige and Cream White

These fall decorative pillows have unique patterns and look like they have a lot of different textures. All around the sides and in the middle is a pattern of woven rope. There are soft tufts of two colors in between those places. Tassels are adorable and difficult to lose because they are hand-made.

13. White Sequin Embroidery Pumpkins Pillow

The fabric is tight cotton with cute pumpkin patches stitched on one side. The appliques are made with that cute curly yarn that’s so trendy. The back is plain but made from the same cotton fabric as the front. The zippers work well, and the covers are machine washable and dryable.

14. Life Is Better When We’re Together

I like the phrase “Life Is Better When We’re Together” on its embroidery more than it looks. Reading these words made me miss my family and friends and feel stronger.

15. Faux Fur Plaid Pumpkin Pillow

With its fancy shape, texture, and gingham print, this pillow gives classic fall farmhouse decor a new look. The neutral colors in this pillow make it stand out, but they will also go with everything else in your room.

16. Plaid Fall Decorative Pillows

It’s super soft and fuzzy, so it looks great on your bed. It’s darker when you rub the fuzzies one way, and if you rub them the other way, it looks lighter. It’s hard to explain, but I love it because of that. It’s got a very hidden zipper, so you can’t even see it, but it will come in handy when it’s time to wash it. Well worth it.

17. A Cute Golden Retriever!

If you love dogs, then you will be tempted to buy this throw pillow! I have to say that dogs are the cutest creatures in the world!

18. Leaves Square Fall Decorative Pillows

Flower it up! You can use this creative and pretty pillow for anything from casual game nights to fancy dinner parties. You can mix and match it however you like!

19. Harvest

This weaving-balanced plaid has a knife edge and beautiful new color combinations: teal, light teal, orange, and a black pinstripe for accent. Good luck with the harvest is sent with shadow writing in machine embroidery.

20. Turkey Feathers Hooked Pillow

The pillow’s long-lasting premium acrylic cover and soft, cushiony feel are just what your body needs on those lazy days in bed or on the couch. The scribbled words, classic styles, and fall-themed patterns will give your home a look that will never go out of style.

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Final Words

It’s fall in the bedroom, where warm lighting and the sound of falling leaves reading cozy bedtime stories dance together. While you warm up with a blanket and a hot apple cider, let these fall decorative pillows make your home feel even cozier.


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