While being chosen as the best man is an honor, it’s also a demanding job. It’s not as simple as throwing a great bachelorette party, and the best man is also expected to provide moral support in choosing the rings.

You should lead the best man in all the pre-wedding activities and make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day. That’s why, as the groom, you should show appreciation by giving the best man gifts.

But this gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Today’s article will introduce you to 16 best man gifts that are meaningful and come in different price ranges.

1. Beard Oil

Price: $12.22 (discount now)

Best Man Gift: Beard Oil

Your best man probably has a soft beard. For these simple reasons, this beard oil would be his perfect gift. This best man gift has a great flavor.

The ladies will love the aroma of coffee and chocolate while he can twirl his mustache and part his long beard.

2. Sunglasses

Price: $15.99

Best man gift: sunglasses

Add this to the list of traditional best man gift ideas: a cool pair of personalized sunglasses for posing.

Presenting them on the morning of the wedding or as part of a larger thank-you gift box is a fun gift.

3. Customized Baseball

Price: $19.95

Best man gift: baseball

He’s been with you for so long. Now it’s time to say “Thanks.”

Give your best man a customized baseball with his name and wedding title engraved as a sentimental gift.

If you still plan to invite him to join your team, this affordable best man gift also makes a cool wedding party proposal gift.

4. Personalized Flask

Price: $29.00+

Best man gift: flask

A personalized flask is a stylish and customizable container for carrying and storing alcoholic beverages, typically spirits like whiskey, bourbon, vodka, or other liquors. You can engrave it with a special name or a message.

Ultimate Black Groomsman Flask Set with Matching Whiskey Glass” is an obvious best man gift with highly ranked reviews. So if your dear friends like to drink or want a wonderful Fask, this is your ideal option.

5. Leather Belt

Price: $29.99 – $39.99

Best man gift: leather-belt

Your best man deserves the best belt.

A stylish, high-quality leather belt is a must-have closet item that will make him feel like a million bucks every time he buckles it on.

If you’re on a budget, this gift pairs perfectly with accessories like cufflinks or a snazzy new tie.

6. Bathrobe

Price:  $44.51(16% off now)

Best man gift: bathrobe

They’re practical people if the best man isn’t into the sunglasses style.

The best man gift should be something he can use daily, like a super soft bathrobe.

This 100% Turkish cotton robe from bed and bath favorite Brooklinen will let him know it’s his turn to enjoy some well-deserved R&R.

7. Leather Poker Set

Price: $49.95

Best man gift: poker-set

Think unique groomsmen gifts are hard to find? Think again! We’ve got plenty more clever ideas.

This is for the card player. This best man gift will impress anyone who has excelled at the poker table.

It includes two decks of cards and 100 poker chips neatly stacked in a keepsake leather box. Complete your gift with a custom monogram.

8. Ammo Can Cigar Set

Price: $79.95

best man gift: Ammo-Can-Cigar-Set

What’s the perfect gift for someone who loves to smoke cigars and shoot? Please give him a gift set as unique as your friendship.

This ammo-can gift set for cigar lovers is a cool groomsman gift idea. It’s engraved with your best man’s name, the year, and a phrase of your choice.

Put a couple of mini bottles and cigars in the gift tin, and you have everything he needs for a memorable night.

9. Whiskey Gift Set

Price: £94.75

best man gift: Whiskey-Gift

This best man gift is perfect for showing him your friendship and appreciation.

He’ll love having his personalized whiskey glass to use during the toast at your wedding or to drink when you visit. Ice-cold pucks will keep his drink cool throughout the party.

When the two of you next hang out, he’ll have an extra one on standby so you can try it out too!

10. Cool Fly Fishing Rod

Price: $145.00

best man gift: Cool-Fly-Fishing-Rod

What’s a great gift for the ultimate outdoor adventurer? A fishing rod, of course!

Not just any fishing rod is right for your senior fishing partner. He’ll need the challenge of fly fishing, the most macho form of fishing there is, and the Tenkara Rods Mini Sawtooth Fly Pack collapses to just 13 inches. It is easy to carry to the most remote fishing holes.

Even if he’s not into the outdoors, this sturdy gift will make him want to be. Show your best friend that you approve of his outdoor survival. Let him know he’s the manliest of men.

11. Golf Bags

Price: $169.99 (now)

best man gift: golf-bag

Let us present you with the ultimate golf bag for the ultimate golfer in your life.

This minimalist accessory holds up to 8 clubs and weighs only 3.4 pounds, so he won’t carry more weight than he needs to.

Clever pockets for storing valuables and tasty, refreshing beverages make this one of the most practical golf bags ever.

12. Wireless Charger Holder

Price: $175.00

best man gift: holder

Some of your best men must be notorious for losing those small but important items like keys, phones, or glasses.

We have the perfect personalized solution. This stylish leather desk caddy is both practical and a thoughtful gift idea.

Keeping everything organized is only half of the function of this cool kit. This best man gift is also a wireless charger for any Qi-compatible device.

13. Travel Bag

Price: $210.00 (25% off now)

best man gift: travelbag

Some of your best boys need to be prepared for your wedding. So the fact is that your gift for your best man should stand out when he’s about to attend your big day.

Make sure he can carry everything with him, and make him look beautiful with a leather travel bag (which also comes with a matching DOPP kit)!

These special bags will bring everything he needs, from a change of clothes for the bachelor party to a toothbrush and toothpaste!

14. Cufflinks

Price: $265.00

best man gift: cufflinks

Cufflinks are used to fasten the cuffs of a shirt and are an alternative to buttons.

While most men’s shirts have one button cuffs, double cuffed shirts (French cuffed shirts) and elegant dress shirts for black tie and formal occasions require the finishing touch of cufflinks. Often made of silver or gold metal, these delicate little objects are used to secure the cuffs to the wrist.

Sterling Silver Classic Formal Pietersite Cufflinks is a recommendation for men if they like to keep formal in their spare time. But it is more suitable for black or dark blue clothes. Don’t worry; there are other wonderful cufflinks you can have a selection of.

15. Headphones

Price: $309.00

best man gift: headphone

Your closest friends must be music lovers. We recommend the Meze Audio 99 Classics Wooden Headphones. Late at night or on an airplane, this best man gift will let your friend know that you care deeply and show appreciation with the gift of music.

He’ll be in sound heaven for years with their noise-canceling features, Bluetooth functionality, and sleek wood finish.

16. Wristwatch

Price: $543.90

best man gift: wristwatch

The stylish wristwatch is a timeless gift that can hold sentimental value. And this item is still a must-have accessory for men.

Bulova 98K112 is one of the good choices. The large dial is suitable for showing off the boy’s temperament. The silver wristband is suitable for many places. And now there is a giveaway for your friend to pick when to wear it.


Find the most suitable best man gift for your friend. How about your other ideas? I have recommended all these gifts according to their price and features. Now, it’s time to purchase your favorite gifts for men. If you have a better choice, don’t forget to tell us and give us a more effective option in the comments!


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